Developing a Reading Road Map for Teaching Comprehension

Developing a Reading Road Map for Teaching Comprehension

FORT WAYNE, IN | February 5, 2018

Developing a Reading Road Map for Teaching Comprehension

Students at every level need explicit, ongoing instruction that builds their comprehension skills. This type of standards-driven teaching is intended to equip students with the ability to analyze and understand all types of texts. In this powerful workshop, you’ll learn to layer skills to develop readers who can track and summarize key details, visualize and question author craft, and connect and synthesize bigger ideas.

Workshop Topics:

• Introduce the various scenarios readers will encounter--familiar v. unique formats, short v. long texts, easy v. hard reading, collaborative v. independent experiences, etc.
• Dissect the College and Career-Ready Reading Standards to identify the six core comprehension strategies readers must employ.
• Recognize a scaffold of mini-lesson subskills that must be explicitly taught.
• Study a yearlong calendar that begins with initial learning from simple texts and gives way to independent deep thinking of more complex texts.
•Select texts/passages best suited for comprehension instruction.
• Evaluate the strengths and limitations of traditional curriculum assessments. 

When you leave, you’ll be able to:

  • Effectively introduce the concepts of inferential thinking, text annotation, close reading, and on-screen reading in kid-friendly ways.
  • Weave on-screen and paper-based reading experiences into the curriculum.
  • Focus classroom time on strategy/skill instruction, rather than passage/novel understanding.
  • Pair appropriate texts with whole-class comprehension instruction.
  • Identify assessments that truly measure students’ level of mastery of a particular comprehension skill/strategy.

Target Audience

K-6 Classroom Teachers
6-12 Language Arts Teachers
Literacy Coaches
Literacy Coordinators
Title I Teachers / Directors
ELL Teachers
High-Ability Teachers
Principals & Assistant Principals
Curriculum Directors

Free follow-up training video:

  • Teachers who attend this Reading Comprehension workshop will be given a complimentary one-month subscription to Kristina's matching video on webPD, Reading: Introducing Comprehension Strategies to Students.
  • During the complimentary subscription period, teachers are encouraged to share access with every colleague in their school, allowing the entire staff to learn key concepts from the workshop.


“As always, important content delivered in a lively, fast-paced session.” Gail Boring, instructional coach at Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque, NM

“I am never let down when I come to a Smekens workshop. I leave every time with realistic teaching strategies, fantastic resources, and a clear plan on how to go back to school and use what I have learned.” Christa Benedict, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Cincinnati, OH

“Smekens always has workshops that give me fabulous ideas and cause me to reflect on what I currently do. I can't wait to get back into the classroom.” Tracy McKee, teacher at Saint Christopher School, Indianapolis, IN

“So grateful for your expertise and how you bring it all together!” Becky Nelson, teacher at Butterfield Elementary, Lombard, IL

“Kristina just takes the guesswork out of everything to make it ALL make sense!” Nicki King, Union Furnace Elementary, Logan, OH

Graduate Credit

For every 15 hours of training from Smekens workshops, attendees may earn one hour of university-level graduate credit. Beyond the training time, participants must also write a short summary about the experience. These are non-degree credits which are designed for professional certification renewals and salary step increases. (Check with your district or employers to determine their policies for pay increases.)

Registration information will be shared during the 10 a.m. break of each workshop. After the workshop, attendees have 2 weeks to apply their training hours to the program. The cost of graduate credit is separate from the cost of attending a workshop.

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Attend one day:

$225 (Early Bird)  |  $245 (Standard)

Attend two days:

$435 (Early Bird) | $455 (Standard)

Discounts available!

  • Register at least 15 days in advance and save!
  • For teams of 3+: Save $6 per person.
  • For teams of 10+: Contact our office for a 10% savings.

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Day 2: Delivering Explicit & Engaging Comprehension Mini-Lessons
Professional Growth Credits

Certified educators can earn professional growth credits for attending a Smekens Education workshop. All workshop attendees receive a certificate of participation for 5.5 hours of professional development for each one-day workshop. Visit our Continuing Education Credit page to learn more.