The +1 of 6+1 Writing

Posted on April 13, 2010
The  +1 of 6+1 Writing

The +1 of 6+1 Writing

Posted on April 13, 2010

The +1 of 6+1 Writing

With all of the 6-traits emphasis for writing, the +1 seems to have taken a back seat to the traits. And it's easy to understand why--publishing takes so much time! Teachers shy away from having students actually publish a piece because it could take weeks.

One way to offset this burden of final copies is to balance writing assignments. Students don't need to follow the entire writing process for every piece they begin. Real-life writers do not finish everything they start. In fact, they abandon much of what they begin! Student writers should be allowed the same privilege, but not all the time.

Some assignments are worth specific focus and time. Other assignments might require students to work on several short rough drafts which never go beyond that stage. When planning your year, work to balance short with long, drafts with final, one-shot writing with focused revision.

But, let's not forget about the +1! What is it really? It's simply the way the publication looks, the presentation--its layout, design, color, and type. Having students write their messages on tags attached to helium balloons is a +1. Providing colorful final copy paper for students to create their own books is a +1. Letting students create a poster to show what they learned in science is a +1.

Publish "Real" Books with Studentreasures

6 Traits of Writing-- The +1 of the 6+1 Traits of Writing

A great way to provide an amazing +1 opportunity for your classroom is to do a classbook with Studentreasures. Even though "publishing" can take forever, kids love to finish a book they can call their own. Wouldn't you love to be able to give your students slick-finished, permanently bound books with their names on the spines? Well, you can! Studentreasures is a company that offers to do just that.

Studentreasures will send you everything you need to get started. Soon you and your class will be creating original, bound manuscripts! Contact Studentreasures to receive a free classbook kit. Studentreasures will send the materials and even lesson plans to you for free! Then, after you've had your class complete the special pages they provide (one for each student), you simply send the pages back to Studentreasures. They will bind the original pages and send the classbook back to you at no cost. There is a charge for additional copies but no minimum requirement for ordering. You will want to encourage parents to consider ordering a copy.

To encourage her fifth grade students to do their best on their final copies, Ashley Gustin of East Elementary (Pendleton, IN) offered a digital publishing opportunity through Studentreasures. Her students loved it! The requirements for the assignment included practicing Smekens-style introductions and conclusions, adding details, and using the traits to create a narrative writing suitable for an early elementary audience. The engagement is obvious in the students' faces.

Then, when the students received their bound books, Ashley shared pictures of the proud authors!

The books make great keepsakes and perfect grandparent gifts! And you should see the looks on the students' faces when they see their own book coming back to them! The slick-finished, permanently bound books are beautiful. It's a definite +1!

If you want a project with a fabulous ending, try Studentreasures. Check out the Studentreasures website for more information.