Midwest Traits of Writing Secret Site--Day 1

Midwest Traits of Writing Secret Site--Day 1

Download Kristina’s 6-Trait icons in two different formats:

Sutton Elementary teacher Holly Stachler (Muncie, IN) revised the 6-Traits songs to be more kindergarten friendly. She rewrote them all to the same tune—“If You’re Happy and You Know It.”

View dozens of yearlong 6-Traits bulletin boards created by teachers throughout the Midwest.

Access the color-coded standards Kristina has tied to the 6 Traits of writing:

Organize all your mini-lessons using Kristina’s suggestion of the hanging file box.


Dear Teachers,

Thank you for attending Day 1 of the Midwest Traits of Writing Institute. I hope you are experiencing success as you use the 6 Traits in your writing instruction. During the workshop, I mentioned several resources and documents that I had available as digital files. Here they are!

Please keep me posted on how we can continue to support your efforts to improve your students' writing. We know that as their confidence increases, so will their ability.

Hope to see you soon!

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