Use the Retelling Glove for Summarizing Stores

The Common Core standards for reading literature require that kindergarten students be able to identify characters, settings, and major events in a story. First grade students should be able to retell a story using key details from the story. As you're working to address this standard, try the Retelling Glove. Your bodily, kinesthetic learners will love it!

When students are ready to retell, simply have them slip on the glove as a checklist for all the important elements to include as they recall the story.

  • Who?--The thumb represents the characters in the story. Encourage students to include all the characters mentioned in the story, not just the main one.
  • What?--A small box on the index finger is a reminder to include details about "what" happened in the story. What was the problem?
  • When?--Time plays a part in the "when" of retelling, but it can also include day or night or seasons of the year.
  • Where?--A story can take place in more than one place. Have students reference the main setting for the story.
  • Why or how?--Why did the characters do/say certain things? Why did the author write this story?

Upper Elementary

Use the same technique with a more mature look. Add words to the glove (characters, setting, problem, events, solutions, and author's message). This little reminder prompts students to include all the important elements when providing a summary or retelling.

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