Implementing the Common Core State Standards requires familiarity. But studying your grade-specific standards isn’t enough. It’s imperative that teachers read the K-12 Anchor Standards and see the skills develop across the grades. To really see this skill progression, teachers need an easy-to-read scaffold on the same standard across the K-12 grades.

Common Core State Standards at Smekens Education

Here are two options:

  • DIGITAL OPTION: Check out this link to the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction site. The site allows teachers to select a specific strand (e.g., Reading (foundational), Reading (informational), Reading (literature), Writing, Language, and Speaking & Listening) to view. Teachers can also designate a grade range. For example, teachers could choose to look at their own grade level and one below and above it. It’s also possible to look at a K-12 spread for any sequential grade grouping for each strand. It’s exactly what teachers need! Bookmark this link and revisit the site while planning lessons to teach the Common Core Language Arts Standards.
  • PAPER FOLDOUT OPTION: For those teachers who prefer a hard copy of the Common Core ELA Reading Standards, the 34-inch card stock foldout is exactly what you need. This resource features the anchor standards and all grade-specific standards for reading informational text on one side and reading literature on the other side. This foldout allows you to easily see how reading skills build on one another throughout the progression of grades and makes differentiated instruction easier.

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