Break Down Large Units into Small-Dose Writing Experiences

Posted on February 06, 2015

Break Down Large Units into Small-Dose Writing Experiences

Rather than tackle all of the components of a large expository research project with one enormous assignment, consider rolling out a couple skills at a time to be executed within an initial smaller product. Then review those skills and introduce a few more to all be generated within another short piece. Continue this spiral teaching providing multiple smaller writing experiences, rather than one mother lode unit.

Sample Mentor Texts for Question & Answer Template

Within an informative writing unit, initially utilize a simple format. For example, reveal a Q&A format for students to replicate within their own research content. Instead of writing the entire report, they only write the middle--the single question and a very thorough answer.

This allows them to focus on collecting facts, explaining information, and providing support. Within a format like Q&A, students don't have to write an introduction and conclusion or even worry about transitions. Those skills can be introduced in future mini-units and assessed within subsequent writing assignments.

Mini-units provide students with practice on basic skills without weighing them down with everything at once.