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Communicate feedback within the writing rubric

April 29, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, providing precise feedback to student writers does not have to involve an all-encompassing critique with the red pen. Instead, lean on a well-crafted rubric to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

Highlight relevant criteria

There are several advantages to generating kid-friendly rubrics, and one is that it can increase efficiency when giving writers feedback.

When students helped generate the rubric criteria, they demonstrate an understanding of the language within every bullet of each level per trait. So, now hold students accountable for that knowledge.

Instead of writing similar comments on every student’s writing (i.e., Add more detail), simply highlight that criteria on the rubric.

Add comments on the rubric

Provide specific feedback to the generalized rubric criteria by noting specific examples from the student’s writing.

If the student needs to “add more detail,” highlight that criteria and then include references to which paragraph numbers this pertains to.

This is also true when grading for spelling or grammar. Rather than marking every error, simply highlight a recurring weakness within the rubric and jot sentence or paragraph numbers next to it.

Return writings with annotated rubrics

For every student who turns in a written product, have the writing rubric attached to it to highlight and mark feedback. Hand the rubric and the writing back to the student so they can begin to make revisions and improve their writing.

The rubric should be used beyond simply describing expectations before writing. Teachers can streamline the assessment process by using this same tool to provide precise feedback after writing.

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