Find Trait Mate in The Literacy Store


Find Trait Mate in The Literacy Store

Posted on November 05, 2013

Find Trait Mate in The Literacy Store

We've converted one of our best-selling original products--The Trait Mate: 6-Traits Starter Lessons--to a digital format. The download, now available through The Literacy Store, features 20 single-page lesson plans.*

Smekens Education The Trait Mate: 6-Traits Starter Lessons 20 Mini-Lessons6 Traits of Writing-- Trait Mate Mini Lessons

Each lesson includes:

  • Connections to the Common Core standards.
  • A 10-15 minute lesson plan to teach writing.
  • A suggested toy or object to use as a visual trigger during instruction.
  • Suggested activities for students to apply during Independent Writing Time.
  • Suggested conversation points to cover during the Author's Chair.

*Most of the lessons in the Trait Mate are also featured in Launching the Writer's Workshop: Grades 3-12 (the teal book) by Kristina Smekens and Maureen Scane.