Teach Students to Read for the 6 Traits of Writing


Teach Students to Read for the 6 Traits of Writing

Posted on May 16, 2008

Teach Students to Read for the 6 Traits of Writing

To reinforce the traits in any classroom, create opportunities to "read like writers." Pointing out evidence of the 6 Traits within the reading is a strategy to keep the 6 Traits alive in your classroom, even if writing time is minimal.

Robin Peterman (Instructional Interventionist at Abbett Elementary School) took it one step further. Instead of the teacher pointing out the traits in reading, she has her students do the thinking!

6 Traits of Writing-- 6 Traits Discussion Grid

After using picture books to refresh students' minds of the 6 Traits of writing, Robin asked students to read like writers. She put them in small groups, decided on which trait or traits to focus on for the day's reading, and required the students to keep rigorous documentation. Her handout requires students to reference the text with specific examples. This "citation" component is a key factor in writing a strong literature response.

Robin wrote in an email, "Our (corporation) data showed that literary response and analysis were weak. What better way to try to improve those skills than to study books as critics using 6+1 traits as parameters."

While listening to the students, Robin heard one group talk about the author's word choice on specific pages and another group liked how the author used his voice to foreshadow action. What an excellent reading-writing connection, Robin! Thanks for sharing.