Increase Students' Word Strength with Weighty Words


Increase Students' Word Strength with Weighty Words

Posted on April 25, 2012

Increase Students' Word Strength with Weighty Words

Looking for a fun way to introduce multi-syllabic words to kids? Check out the creative concept behind The Weighty Word Book, by Paul M. Levitt, Douglas A. Burger, and Elissa S. Guralnick. This ABC book is comprised of short stories--one per letter--featuring 26 words that were selected based on frequency in written language. (Vocabulary words include expedient, juxtapose, paradox, raucous, and more.)

The Weighty Word Book

Each story is developed using smaller word parts and syllables. For example, dogmatic breaks down easily into dog, mat, and tic. The story revolves around a family of tics and the plan of one, stubborn tic who decides to live on the dog mat. Someone who stubbornly defends his or her position on an issue is being dog-mat-tic.

Also, geriatrics breaks down easily into Gerry, hat, and tricks. Gerry is a doctor who uses hat tricks to make older people laugh and forget about their aches and pains. To remember what a doctor is called who specializes in caring for the elderly, just remember Gerry hat tricks--geriatrics!

Each story simplifies and clarifies the meaning of the word and hammers it home through repetition and humor. These are 26 words that kids won't quickly forget!