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Integrate Apps into Literacy Stations

Posted on April 15, 2017

Integrate Apps into Literacy Stations

With all of the new technology available, there are apps for almost everything! Apps are one of the most powerful tech tools and have been proven to increase student engagement and academic achievement.

For the literacy teacher, there are apps to track student progress, target specific standards, aid in project-based learning, reinforce skills, enrich skills, build background knowledge on unfamiliar topics, and more.

No doubt about it, educational apps downloaded onto mobile devices go hand in hand with the 21st Century student.

Add to your growing list of free or inexpensive apps using this list. On the download, you'll find the apps organized by the following reading components:

  • Independent Reading/Read to Self
  • Vocabulary/Word Work
  • Fluency/Read to Someone
  • Comprehension/After Reading/Writing About Your Reading

For more technology tools and resources follow Nadine Gilkison (Smekens Education Digital Resource Designer) on www.fttechtips.com or @nadinegilkison on Twitter.

Article originally posted October 19, 2012.