Fit in a Last-Chance Workout


Fit in a Last-Chance Workout

Posted on March 04, 2011

Fit in a Last-Chance Workout

Part of any achievement is goal setting. What about your writers? What are their goals? Whether your students are preparing for the state writing assessment or an in-class assignment, what are they going to be intentional about? Maybe this is your opportunity to set them up for their Last Chance Writing Workout. They've been working so hard all year and now they are going to show the Test LadyTM what they can do. But before they start, consider having your students identify 2-4 personal goals for their own writing response. For example: I'm going to write two or more pages. I'm going to be thinking of strong verb choice. I will have a great beginning and ending, etc.

Have students write down their personal writing goals and review them just before they begin. Everyone trying to achieve something needs to have a goal. They need to identify what they are going to do intentionally as a way of accomplishing that goal.

Test LadyTM Twists

Several teachers have emailed that they have performed the Test LadyTM Skit as promoted on our website. Some have even sent photographs of teachers and administrators dressed up as "old ladies." It's a fun and memorable way to review essential writing skills with your students before the state writing assessment.

However, several staffs have added their own unique twists to the Test Lady concept. Check out our website for the following new ideas:

  • Not wanting to exclude their male teachers, the staff at Clark Elementary (Franklin, IN) wrote out two additional characters to add to the original Test Lady skit. Check out their descriptions of Victor Vigorous Verbs and Sylvester Slinky Sentences.

  • Third grade teachers and the principal at Eastern Pulaski Elementary (Winamac, IN) performed the Test Lady skit for students, but they adjusted the original character descriptions slightly to account for strong math writing skills, too. Good thinking! Check out their photograph.

  • Lynda Horner at Westfield Middle School (Westfield, IN) created a PowerPoint from the perspective of the Test Ladies who score the state writing prompts. It outlines the key skills they value most. It's hilarious!

  • The teachers at Swayzee Elementary (Swayzee, IN) passed around two sheets of paper. Each teacher wrote a note of encouragement to the students. Then they photocopied the two pages back-to-back and stuffed them in envelopes with a child's name written on the outside of the envelope. Every student taking ISTEP received the note of encouragement just before they began the assessment.

  • Check out our Facebook page for a couple more Test LadyTM Sisters pictures.

Thanks to all for generously sharing your ideas!