Organize Your Digital Resources


Organize Your Digital Resources

Posted on May 02, 2014

Organize Your Digital Resources

In today's world, students need abundant experience with visual and digital texts. However, collecting and organizing all those resources can be tedious and time consuming for teachers.

Thankfully, there are multiple Web 2.0 tools available for teachers to customize and organize their digital-resource sets. Here are some favorites:

Blendspace--Make the most of class time by blending your lessons with digital content in a snap. This tool enables teachers to easily drag and drop digital media from several sources, upload their own content, and share with peers/students with ease. View example blendspaces in math and reading. For more information on Tes Teach, view this tutorial.

Lesson Path--Formerly known as Mentor Mob, this online learning platform allows users to create, share, and explore learning "playlists." Create a path with direct links to articles, videos, and websites. Users can even embed quizzes to document depth of knowledge upon viewing the playlist. The site includes an introduction and an example lesson path on persuasive writing.

Tackk--This slick application provides an easy to use interface enabling users to post an image, video, or other content. Engage students, improve collaboration, and spark creativity with this innovative application. View a tutorial and find out more about Tackk, including sample teacher Tackks.

Symbaloo--This free visual bookmarking site enables users to access anything bookmarked with a tile from a computer, smart phone, or tablet. Share and access digital content with ease. View Symbaloo in action to learn more.

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