We would all agree that the more involved a parent is in a child’s life, the more likely that child is to succeed in school. But parents don’t always know what to do. Many parents struggle with how best to help and would love some simple ways they could come alongside.

With that in mind, Kristina Smekens developed some parent cards you might want to consider ordering before your next parent night. Of course, they’re focused on literacy: reading, writing, and vocabulary. And they’re chocked full of ideas that any parent could implement at home.

The reading comprehension card reinforces some of the strategies Kristina encourages teachers to employ in class. Wouldn’t you love it if your students’ parents were working on the same skills at home when they’re reading with their children? What an idea!

For expanding vocabulary, parents will have a chance to understand how children learn new words and the importance of working with a word more than once and in multiple ways. The strategies are easy to fit into a normal day. For example, like looking for the vocabulary words in real-life text–newspapers, magazines, etc.

The writing card emphasizes the importance of building writing muscle at home to support the writing efforts you’re promoting at school. All of the strategies suggested help parents understand what is required of a student to succeed in writing.

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