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Play with Prepositions

May 3, 2016

Most prepositions tell the reader where something is positioned.

  • By adding prepositional phrases, students can supersize their sentences. Make this lesson memorable with the Giant Magic Straw.
  • Using the spider-leg strategy, students revise a previous writing to add in prepositional phrases.

Reveal Emily Dunbar’s “Preposition Song” (video below) about the kids and the box. Here are the opening lyrics.

  • “Prepositional Phrase Scavenger Hunt” allows students to practice generating prepositions. (TIP: Use a busy scene like these images from archived Highlights magazines. Download four scenes to print out and use in class. Or, download each image as a JPEG. To access JPEG, open image link(s) below, right click on graphic, and “Save image as…”).
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