Prepare for Digital Testing with Resources


Prepare for Digital Testing with Resources

Posted on February 14, 2014

Prepare for Digital Testing with Resources

Students practicing standardized assessments digitallyThe future of testing is rooted in digital literacy. And, for that reason, teachers are always on the hunt for websites and apps to provide their students a similar online testing experience. After scouring the Web, below are several resources that will help with this endeavor.

  • Edinformatics. This site provides the most extensive list of links to states that have released past standardized tests or sample questions from exams and is updated regularly. Feel like you've hit the jackpot? You bet.
  • The Learning Network. Tap into this powerful free resource that was created by the New York Times. Tackle practice test questions, apply critical thinking skills, and polish proofreading skills--all connected to New York Times articles! Ah-Mazing! Watch this video to learn more about how to use The Learning Network in your classroom.
  • ScootPad. You'll love that this site allows you to differentiate student learning in a seamless fashion. Teachers can assign specific concepts or allow the students to work their way through all of the concepts in the program's learning path. Click on this link to learn more about ScootPad.
  • Prepdog. Created by current educators, is a free, time-saving site for RTI aligned with the Common Core standards. Prepdog allows teachers to administer practice assessments via computer lab, centers, or tablet. Click to watch a video about

With standardized testing having an increasing digital presence, preparing students with technology-rich resources is essential.

Nadine Gilkison

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