Prioritize End-of-the-year Reading Skills


Prioritize End-of-the-year Reading Skills

Posted on May 14, 2008

Prioritize End-of-the-year Reading Skills

Spring is that time of year when there are so many things bombarding the classroom teacher that it's difficult to stay focused on the top priorities. Instructionally, parallel the end of the year similar to the beginning of the year. Many of you know about the "Launch" in August & September. Well, let's consider your "Landing" for April & May.

Often this crunch time becomes more about "getting things done" than focusing on core skills and standards. Instead of working to read more passages in your reading series, I would make a list of the 3-5 core skills in reading that students are still struggling with at this point in the year. Identify those essential literacy skills that are crucial for your students.

For example, in reading this list of core skills might include:

  • Inferring ideas within a story
  • Supporting their opinions with evidence from the reading
  • Identifying the main idea of the reading/story

Spend these final weeks of school honing these core skills and strengthening your students' reading habits. Look to weave these skills into content-area subjects, too. Find ways for students to continue experimenting and applying these skills. In the end, it's not about completing the literature book of stories. Rather, it's about building powerful, independent readers.