COVID-19 has changed teaching.
Educators need help now.


As educators adjust to the challenge of remote teaching, the need for simple and effective strategies has never been greater.  With customized remote support from the team at Smekens Education, teachers learn how to pivot instead of panic.




With live, remote PD from Smekens Education, teachers learn how to:

✔ Foster a sense of community with students of all ages

✔ Support the social-emotional needs of students

✔ Organize your space and time for effective teaching

✔ Build routines and procedures for remote learning

✔ Lead best-practice instruction remotely
✔ Teach standards and skills at an appropriate rate

✔ Use remote learning to develop mastery of skills previously taught

✔ Avoid assigning busywork

✔ Engage students in meaningful learning tasks

✔ Assess student work in a remote setting

PD Options for Every Staff

Let's customize a professional learning strategy to address your unique needs.


All-Staff Zoom Sessions
Lighten the load of every teacher with an engaging all-staff live remote gathering. During this two-hour session, offer teachers a combination of peace and perspective with universal strategies that focus on revisiting previous skills while working toward mastery. 

$800 for 2hrs. 


Departmental Zoom Sessions
When an entire department or grade level comes together, the focus can be on specific content or strategies. With an emphasis on engagement, management, and instruction, educators gain the confidence to tackle remote teaching successfully. 

1-hour sessions
$350/hr (8-hour minimum)


Small-Group Zoom Sessions
Fostering the community teachers knew before COVID-19, small-group sessions allow for consultant-led instructional planning, customized troubleshooting, plus targeted strategies to manage, lead, and connect with students remotely.  

1-hour sessions
$350/hr (8-hour minimum)



Your Guides to Remote Teaching
Kristina Smekens, President & Lead Consultant for Smekens Education
Kristina Smekens
President and Lead Consultant
Courtney Gordon, Literacy Consultant for Smekens Education
Courtney Gordon
Literacy Consultant
Kristi McCullough, Literacy Consultant for Smekens Education
Kristi McCullough
Literacy Consultant
Bridget Longmeier, Remote Coach for Smekens Education
Bridget Longmeier
Remote Coach
Shona Lansdell, Literacy Consultant for Smekens Education
Shona Lansdell
Literacy Consultant

Smekens Education

For more than a dozen years, the literacy experts at Smekens Education have built a reputation for providing practical and engaging professional development for K-12 teachers. During that time, we’ve worked with hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers to equip educators with innovative ideas for leading literacy instruction. A Technical Assistance Partner with the Indiana Department of Education, Smekens helps educators boost achievement in reading and writing with strategies that are practical and research-based.

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