Seek Magazines with Short Nonfiction Passages

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Seek Magazines with Short Nonfiction Passages

Posted on May 20, 2008

Seek Magazines with Short Nonfiction Passages

Students juggle many tasks on the state assessment. Not only are there multiple choice and open-ended questions that follow the reading selections, but students must also write to an extended-response prompt. This requires students to read and comprehend, and also to think and support their ideas with specific text references.

One way to help students with this type of crunch-time reading and writing is to give them more opportunities in class to read shorter pieces (short stories, short biographies, nonfiction passages on content-area topics, poems on content-area topics, etc.) However, much of the reading done during the school day in language arts includes long chapters and novels, or week-long basal stories. Students need exposure to short, informational, on-demand reading.

Some of the best resources for this type of text include subscriptions to Ladybug (K-2 readers), Spider (Grades 3-5), Cricket (Grades 6-8), or Cicada (Grades 9-12).

These publications offer short passages on various topics and in a variety of genres. For example, there are biographies and content-area poems and imaginary narratives and nonfiction and sci-fi. Click on the titles below for an excerpt from Cricket magazine so you have an idea of what you might expect.

Here is a thorough list of additional publications for this same kind of text:

American Girl--for girls ages 8-12

Appleseeds--an adventure exploration magazine for ages 6-9

Ask--science magazine for ages 6-9

Baseball Youth-partnered with the Major League Baseball Association

BMX Plus! -for BMXers of all ages

Boy's Life -official Boys' Scout magazine

Boy's Quest-for boys ages 6-14

Calliope-world history for ages 9-14

Chickadee -for ages 6-9

Chirp--for ages 3-6

Click--science and exploration magazine for ages 3-6

Cobblestone--historical adventure magazine

Creative Kids--magazine created by and for kids ages 8-14

Dig-archaeological exploration for children

Discovery Girls--for tweens, by tweens--no models used

Faces -world cultures for ages 9-14

GamePro--for video gamers ages 9 and up

Highlights for Children--the "fun with a purpose" magazine for kids

Hopscotch for Girls-for elementary and middle school aged girls

Humpty Dumpty--for ages 5-7

Inside Cheerleading--for cheerleaders middle school age and up

Inside Gymnastics--for gymnasts, coaches, and fans

Jack and Jill--for ages 6-12

Junior Baseball-for players 7 through high school

Kids Discover -each issue deals with a single nonfiction topic for ages 7-12

Ladybug-for ages 3-6

Muse--science, history, and art all in one for ages 9-14

National Geographic Kids-for school-aged children

National Geographic Little Kids-for young children

Owl--for ages 9-12

Ranger Rick -wildlife for children

Skateboarding-for any age skateboarder

Spider--for ages 6-9

Sports Illustrated for Kids--for ages 9 and up

Young Rider-for horseback riders ages 9 and up

Your Big Backyard -for ages 3-7

Zoobies -for the youngest animal enthusiasts

Zoobooks--for ages 6-12

Zootles--for ages 2-6​