Create a Test Lady Pop-Up


Create a Test Lady Pop-Up

Posted on February 20, 2012

Create a Test LadyTM Pop-Up

To help prepare their students for success on the standardized writing prompt, Pam Lewis and Jane Hoyle from Lake Ridge Middle School (Gary, IN) introduced the Test LadyTM. When you see her, you may notice that she looks familiar. They borrowed their version from Hallmark. Her name is MaxineTM, and she brings an attitude to test prep!

Pam and Jane passed out a copy of the "Person Pop-Up" template from 3-D Graphic Organizers and a Maxine head to attach to the body frame to each student. In the speech bubbles, students were asked to write what they thought the Test Lady would remind them to do when writing for the test. They were allowed to color their Test Lady's pictures and then kept them on their desks the week prior to the testing as a reminder.

Test Lady Pop-Up

Some of the students' comments from their Test Lady were priceless! Here are just a few:

  • You expect me to read this chicken scratch?
  • Remember to proofread when you are done writing your narrative.
  • Thoughtful, but I prefer extravagant!
  • I'm ready to listen...are you ready to think?

That last comment is a great reminder for all! Thanks Pam & Jane for sharing this 3-D way to encourage students to do their best on the test.