Spolder - Writer's FolderKristina Smekens spent a day at Oak Grove School District (Green Oaks, IL) one August, and during the training day, they discussed options for structuring and organizing a writer’s notebook. Kristina explained the idea of using the binding machine to spiral together several pocket folders in order to create a multi-sectioned writer’s notebook.

It was then that one of the Oak Grove educators announced that Oak Grove Junior High teacher Kathy Zurawski and her 8th graders had dubbed the spiral folder a “spolder” several years ago. And the name has stuck. The funny thing is that as those students moved to high school, they continued to refer to their “spolders,” resulting in calls from the high school teachers to the junior high to find out what a “spolder” was. What a fabulous name! Love it!

Teacher Tip: When using multiple pocket folders, cut the outside folder along the spine to create the front and back covers. Keep all remaining pocket folders whole; do not cut them. Fold each of these folders inside-out putting the center crease on the outside.

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