Track Student Writing Experiences


Track Student Writing Experiences

Posted on June 11, 2008

Track Student Writing Experiences

Tracking Student Writing Experiences FREE DownloadEven if your state's "big test" is behind you, the concepts and skills it assesses on the exam should be a part of your yearlong teaching. The prompt portion, or what some call "on-demand writing," should not go by the wayside. As teachers of writers, consider maintaining a tally sheet of the various writing opportunities you give students all year long.

Consider tracking the following three areas:

  • TOPICS: Assigned topics v. Free-choice writing opportunities

  • WRITING PROCESS: First-drafts v. Final-drafts (revised/edited)

  • TIME FRAME: One-sitting writing v. long-term writing deadlines

Download the tracking form from this page and tape it to your desk corner. (So you can find it every day!) Our goal is to build strong, independent writers who can work in any writing scenario. By monitoring a balance, you will be sure to give your students a multitude of writing experiences.