Use Tech Tools for Classroom Management


Use Tech Tools for Classroom Management

Posted on April 24, 2013

Use Tech Tools for Classroom Management

Teachers are always on the lookout for innovative ways to maximize instructional minutes. From behavior tools to brain breaks, below are coordinating websites and apps to utilize for an efficient 21st Century classroom.

Behavior: Teachers that use a point system to track behaviors in class will be eager to check out the following tools.

  • ClassDojo is a free web-based tool designed to help teachers improve student conduct. Instantly reinforcing good behavior, ClassDojo allows teachers to easily award feedback points for targeted behaviors with the click of a smartphone, interactive whiteboard, or computer. Reports monitoring a student's behavior can be shared privately with parents and administrators. Learn more watching this Class DoJo introductory video to the right.

  • Similar to ClassDojo, The Great Behavior Game follows several of the same principles with one exception. Students are managed in teams and compete for points. Students enjoy the aspect of combining game play with behavior management.

  • ClassBadges is a free, online tool where teachers can award customized badges for student accomplishments. Student of the month, Book Clubs, and Perfect Attendance are just a few of the applications for ClassBadges.

Noise-Level Monitors: Check out these visual tools to manage the noise-level during literacy stations, transitions, small-group discussions, etc.

Bouncy Balls for Noise Monitoring
  • Challenge your class to see if they can keep the noise-induced Bouncy Balls from bouncing.
  • The traffic light resource allows the teacher to click on the section of the stop light to indicate appropriate noise level within the classroom.
  • Calmness Counter allows students to visually see the rate of activity in the room.
  • App-related noise monitors, such as Too Noisy is ideal for small-group settings.

Brain Breaks: Two different research studies reveal the connection between fitness levels and academic achievement, student attendance, and discipline actions. There is a powerful need for students to have brain breaks throughout the day, and Mentor Mob offers an excellent set of options.

Nadine Gilkison

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