Use the Niner Diner Menu to Review Prompt-Writing Skills


Use the Niner Diner Menu to Review Prompt-Writing Skills

Posted on February 13, 2013

Use the Niner Diner Menu to Review Prompt-Writing Skills

To inspire success and minimize the anxiety that comes with standardized testing, teacher Rachel Crabb invited her Smith Elementary (Martinsville, IN) fifth graders to a Test Prep Niner Diner!

In her classroom, Rachel compared a well-written prompt response to a delicious meal. Check out her "menu" which reveals nine essential skills and how they fit into a three course meal. What a fun way to reinforce key ingredients for students to remember, all with a dash of fun mixed in! Thanks for sharing, Rachel.

Bon appetit, writers!

Niner Diner--6 Traits of Writing--Test Lady Reminders

Prompt Writing Niner Diner

  1. Our special tonight is the writing prompt topic. And, as always, it is sauteed in questions. Chew it slowly and digest it carefully.
  2. You have your choice of dinner companions--our lovely Test LadiesTM: Prudence Prompt, Penelope Pre-Write, Talulah Title, Laverne Length, Prunella Purple Words, Edith Ending, or Cherry Check-it-Over.
  3. As an appetizer, before dining on the writing prompt, we suggest you take a few extra minutes to enjoy a pre-write.
  4. Your prompt response always includes a large helping of idea development, elaboration, and details.
  5. You have a choice of 3 types of organization:
  6. Remember to enjoy all three courses while dining with us: BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.
  7. Choose from a side of purple words.
  8. Your order will be dowsed in three sauces:
  9. For dessert, we offer a wonderful editing platter:
    • Lift the paper.
    • Whisper read.
    • Follow along with your finger.