Use the Inside Book Covers for Simple Reader Response


Use the Inside Book Covers for Simple Reader Response

Posted on May 14, 2008

Use the Inside Book Cover for Simple Reader Response

Remember the days of signing your name on the library card when checking out a book? Remember how you would scan the index card to see who read the book before you? And did you ever see your name written more than once because you were rereading an old favorite?

Well, fourth grade teacher Julie Meitzler (Bluffton-Harrison Elementary Bluffton, IN) has revived that feeling with her own classroom library. After reading a book, she has students simply write 1-2 sentences and sign their names on the inside covers of the books. And now, when kids are deciding whether or not to read a new book, one of the first places they go is to the inside cover for recommendations. They love knowing who else read the book previously and what they thought about it. Julie herself writes comments in the book covers and signs them as she finishes reading them. She's noticed students are on the lookout for books that "Mrs. Meitzler" has read, too.

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