Write for the Test (Ladies)


Write for the Test (Ladies)

Posted on November 11, 2010

Write for the Test (LadiesTM)

Test LadiesTM unite! Timing truly is everything when helping students prepare for the writing portion of the state assessment. Check out a strategy that gets kids writing--fast!

Streams of Consciousness

To help prepare students for the timed state assessments, consider trying some streams of consciousness writing. Sometimes just getting students to put pencil to paper is gigantic! Try this exercise with children who are already comfortable with writing (grade 2 and up).

Challenge students to start writing and to continue writing without pausing for 30 seconds. Pencils on paper need to keep moving at all times even if what they're writing doesn't make much sense. Encourage students that there is no topic given, they are simply to write without stopping, writing whatever comes to mind.

Increase the time with each streams of consciousness practice time. By the end of the year, consider making this into a contest to see who can write for the longest time without stopping. Then another challenge could be to see who can write the longest and still have their writing be legible!