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How We Help Teachers

When it’s time to come alongside teachers to work on implementation, every situation is different.
Our lineup of support options offers solutions for every school.

On-Demand Workshops

Self-Paced & On-Demand

5 hours | Grades K-2

Self-Paced & On-Demand

5 hours | Grades 3-12

Self-Paced & On-Demand

5 hours | Grades K-12

Customized Professional Development

On-Site Consulting

Move the dial on writing achievement with customized on-site consulting that addresses the unique needs of your school.
Mini-Lesson Modeling in Writing

Mini-Lesson Modeling

Teachers have “aha” moments when their consultant puts mini-lesson training concepts into action by modeling instruction with real kids.

Remote Coaching

Make implementation a priority when you team with a Smekens Education Remote Coach who walks alongside teachers to apply what they learn.

What Others are Saying

“Kristina was someone we really wanted to bring to Kettering, so all of our teachers could learn from her and with her.”

Michele Massa

Literacy Coach,
Kettering Schools, Kettering, OH

“All of us felt like, this is it. We can’t wait to get back to our district and start writing. This is our answer we have been waiting for for a long time.”

Julie Cox

District Literacy Coach,
Danville District 118, Danville, IL

“More intentional writing with a little mini-lesson thrown in. I think we were kind of stuck in the past of ‘I have to lecture share for 30 minutes and then we can write for 10.’”

Jeanetta Kathman

Holmes Middle School, Covington, KY

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