All Smekens workshops ACSI Approved

Smekens Education: Practical Strategies that get results

Smekens Education is an ACSI approved CEU provider. All virtual, live, and online workshops are ACSI approved and provide the opportunity for educators to earn .88 CEU for every one-day workshop they attend.

Contact our office to let us know how you prefer to have your participation verified:

  • Upload verification to your VPP.
  • Send an ACSI approved completion certificate.

Call Smekens Education toll free to learn more.

Graduate-Level Credit

For an additional fee, educators who attend a Smekens Education workshop are eligible to earn one, two, or three graduate-level university semester credits from the University of the Pacific, Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education. Please check with your district to determine course acceptability.

Workshops from Smekens Education provide a convenient and cost-effective way to earn 1-12 graduate-level units. With more than a dozen workshops to choose from, teachers at every level can benefit from the on-demand strategies featured in every 5-hour online workshop video or join us this summer for one of our virtual live events.

Smekens Education is pleased to partner with the University of the Pacific to provide workshop participants the opportunity to earn graduate-level university units. These units are for licensure renewal and salary step increases only.

The cost of graduate-level units is separate from the workshop registration fee. (These are post-baccalaureate professional development semester units of non-degree graduate level and are not applicable to a degree at University of the Pacific.)

At just $62 per unit, all University of the Pacific courses offered through Smekens Education are graded, graduate-level semester, professional development courses, designed as professional growth for educators.

The University of the Pacific is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and all courses will appear on an Official Transcript from the Registrar’s Office at UOP. Participating in our workshop sessions are a prerequisite to the course enrollment(s). Some school districts may require pre-approval prior to enrollment. It is your responsibility to know your district’s policies.

For more information, visit the Graduate-Level Credit page of our website.