Teachers are always asking for strong writing samples and anchor papers to utilize within the classroom. Here are several pieces from teachers who were excited to share their students’ writing successes. These three are especially engaging because of the voice they each possess.

After studying the uses of the comma, Melissa Beitler had her South Adams sixth graders write a bio-poem about this punctuation mark. Check out one group’s version of the comma written with a “rapper” attitude.

Melissa Beitler South Adams sixth graders Student Sample bio-poem

Deer Ridge Elementary teacher Susie King submitted a letter from a student who left her beloved blanket in the hotel while on vacation. The anxious worry of this first grader is so obvious.

Deer Ridge Elementary teacher Susie King First Grade Student SampleDeer Ridge Elementary teacher Susie King First Grade Student Sample

This last sample is a first draft (with only minor editing) by a second grader at Winfield Elementary. This piece is written from the perspective of the chick inside an egg. It is so sophisticated for an eight-year-old. This young writer nailed the voice! Love it!

Student Sample second grader at Winfield Elementary

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