Lakewood Park Christian School (Auburn, IN) Principal Pamela Pierson shared a music lesson she used with primary (Pre-K, K, 1) students specifically to introduce beat and rhythm.

Using a small teddy bear that she calls Bernard (emphasis on “B”), Pam explains that this bear’s favorite song is “The Bear Went Over the Mountain.” She sings the song to the students and demonstrates how Bernard can bounce to the beat.

After hearing the song, students sing along and take turns bouncing the bear to the rhythm. As a child enjoys a turn bouncing Bernard, Pam calls on him to find out what he thinks the bear saw when he went over the mountain.

As the child responds with what the bear saw, Pam writes his response on a sticky note and places it on the ABC Chart. She continues this process as other children take turns bouncing the bear and adding their ideas of what the bear saw. When the music lesson is complete, Pam gives the ABC Chart to the classroom teacher to use in writing extension activities. What a great way to combine literacy into a technical subject!

ABC Chart

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