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Have questions about webPD?

Here are some questions administrators ask when considering a building-wide subscription to webPD.

Our budget is pretty tight. Is a webPD subscription expensive?

A subscription to webPD is affordable for schools of all shapes and sizes. If you have 20 or fewer teachers, the cost is just $99/person. Buildings with more than 20 teachers enjoy a flat rate of $2,000/year.

With so many videos in webPD, how will my teachers know what to watch?

While a large selection of options might be exciting for some, others might struggle with knowing where to start. That’s why we designed easy-to-follow Learning Paths with recommended videos to watch. The categories and search function also make finding the right video quick and easy!

How will I know if my teachers are using their subscription?

Administrators are provided special access to an analytics area within webPD where they can see which teachers are actively watching videos and which ones need some encouragement. All the data is at your fingertips!

We’ve already sent teachers to a Smekens training. Will they learn anything new?

If you have previously sent teachers to a Smekens training, a webPD subscription is the perfect complement to what they learned! Our team created webPD to equip teachers with a yearlong approach to professional learning. With more than 200 PD videos to choose from, your teachers will be equipped with practical strategies to teach reading and writing all year long!

Will webPD cause confusion if we already follow a curriculum?

The reason so many schools love webPD is that it provides simple and effective strategies that enhance what teachers are already doing. By watching webPD videos, teachers will come away with practical strategies to increase the effectiveness of their instruction.

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