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Compare a Book to its Movie Version

april 18, 2017

While most of us may be guilty of showing students an entire movie version after we’ve finished a book, let’s consider a more powerful option for using this multi-modal text. Instead, provide students the same opportunity to make text-to-text comparisons by revealing movie clips while reading the original text.

Rather than waiting until you’ve read the entire printed text, look to integrate book-to-movie comparisons throughout the literature unit. Occasionally, plan to pause in the reading and watch a movie clip of the same excerpt. Perhaps the movie version contradicts the information revealed in the chapter. Or, maybe you want to analyze how the movie director captured the author’s descriptive language in that passage. Or maybe you want to point out what’s been omitted from the scene in the movie and whether that’s vital or inconsequential.

You could incorporate a number of text-to-text conversations by showing short movie clips several times throughout the unit. This integrates multiple opportunities for students to think, analyze, and write about different versions of texts.

"Now Playing" Watching Videos Template - Downloadable Resource

Here are a few resources to support this instructional strategy:

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