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What does a comprehension “play” include?

What is a “round”?

How do I access the digital resources?


Where do I start?

What order should I teach the skills?

How does the Playbook work for high ability?


Which standards does the Playbook address?

Can I use this if I don’t follow the Common Core?

When do I assess a skill?


When in my elementary reading block do I teach these lessons?

When in my MS/HS class period do I teach these lessons?

Does the Playbook replace my reading curriculum/reading series?


What texts do I use for the lessons?

How does the Playbook work with my reading series/basal?

Why should I use previously-read texts in my mini-lessons?


What do I do on the “write” days noted at the end of a round?

Why is “Readers Write” a fundamental?

Is there an order to the “Readers Write” lessons?