Continuing Education Credit

With prior approval from your district, you can receive professional growth credit for Smekens Education training. After completing a workshop (live or online) or viewing a video from our video subscription library (Verified View version), you’ll earn a Completion Certificate to present to your school. In addition, after completing any workshop (live or online), you are eligible to pursue 1, 2, or 3 graduate-level units.

Because the requirements for each state vary, participants are responsible for verifying that professional learning from Smekens Education will fulfill their state’s continuing education requirements.

Live Workshops

At the end of each one-day workshop sponsored by Smekens Education, participants receive a certificate of completion which acknowledges time spent in professional development. Each certificate is signed by the presenter and lists the key points addressed during the workshop.

Illinois Professional Development Credit

For workshops held in Illinois, Smekens Education works with the ROE where the workshop is located to provide state-approved professional development credit. As an approved subcontractor of the ROE, Smekens Education is able to provide all Illinois teachers with the state-approved credit, regardless of where they reside in Illinois. Please check individual workshop pages for specific ROE approval information or email for more information.

Online Workshops

Teachers who participate in a webAcademy online workshop are also eligible to receive a completion certificate if they choose the Verified version. After viewing all of the different video excerpt components from the course, registrants receive an email that includes their completion certificate.

Video Subscription

Teachers who subscribe to webPD, Verified version, are also eligible to receive a completion certificate for each professional development video they watch.

ACSI Approved

For those affiliated with ACSI, Smekens Education is an ACSI Approved Provider. For more information, visit our ACSI continuing education credit page.

Other States

With prior approval from a participant’s school or district, it may be possible to earn credit for attending a Smekens Education workshop. For each one-day workshop, participants engage in 5.25 hours of professional development (5 hours for online workshops).