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Consider a digital writer’s notebooks in the primary grades

March 23, 2021

Teachers in the primary grades have been using writer’s notebooks for years. This important element of the writer’s workshop contains each student’s pieces—from his pictorial writings to labeled illustrations to multi-sentence products.

While variations of binders and spiral notebooks have fit the bill for traditional in-person classrooms, these tools are less effective when supporting today’s remote learners.

When a physical writer’s notebook isn’t an option, consider a digital online version using the free Google app—Jamboard. Writer’s notebooks created within Jamboard allow students to use the digital writing tools and utensils to create up to 20 pages of content in a single document.

With shared access to each child’s digital notebook, the teacher can review a student’s progress and prompt him to revise.

Access the primary-notebook template, revealed within the accompanying video.

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