Embrace the Monster Teacher Inside

Highly effective teachers are engaging teachers. They make learning fun. They involve students in activities and discussions that are interesting and innovative. They are Monster teachers, as literacy expert and guru Ralph Fletcher describes.

Who are Monster teachers? They are able to break down complex ideas and to make them accessible to all learners. They are innovative, intuitive, practical, and steadfast in their belief that all kids can learn.

How do you know if someone is a Monster teacher? Easy. Are the students leaning in or slouching back? When students are listening closely, intently, and fully engaged, they are leaning in, hanging on the teacher’s words, and physically following the teacher wherever he/she may go. When students are disinterested and wishing they were somewhere else, they’re slouching back away from the teacher.

Embrace the Monster teacher inside you and get every one of those students leaning in.

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