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How can I use your ready-made lesson resources as a virtual teacher?

march 9, 2021

Teachers are notorious for investing untold hours into creating lessons and resources that are visually appealing and resonate with students. Knowing this, we at Smekens Education attempt to provide ready-to-go tools, icons, and documents to aid the busy teacher.

However, in this new Covid-era, many virtual teachers ask how they can customize our traditional PDFs and blackline masters to “build” them on a screen in front of their students. Here’s a simple 2-step process that would accomplish that.

Step 1: Capture your screen

Using tools that are already built into the computer, teachers can capture virtually any static image from their screens and save it as a graphic file. That new graphic file can then be placed into any document—PowerPoint, Google doc, Word doc, etc.

Windows users will utilize the “Snipping Tool” to perform the screen capture function. Mac users will use the “Grab” tool. Either can be found with a simple search on your device.

SNIP tool PC
GRAB tool
Snip with background
Snip without background

Using the tool, select the “piece” of the PDF that you want. Save this captured image as a JPEG.

Anyone who has ever done this knows that they now have an image or “picture.” However, it comes with a white background behind it. This makes it hard to layer graphics when building your own digital resource. To resolve this, move on to step 2.

Step 2: Remove the background

While the screenshot feature is an invaluable tool, the real magic happens when this step is combined with the website, remove.bg. Here teachers upload their screenshot images to remove the background.

With a simple click, the solid white background is made transparent, allowing teachers to then download this new image and insert it within any digital resource. With the white box effect removed, teachers can put images closer together and layer them to build clean and attractive documents where the graphics support instruction—rather than cause a distraction.

Although this 2-step process is simple, we also acknowledge that it is two more steps for an already-busy teacher. Consequently, please know that at Smekens Education we are working fast and furiously to provide resources in various formats for the ever-changing needs of the “classroom” teacher.

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1 year ago

What a simple, but effective tip!

Jada Gilleylen
Jada Gilleylen
1 year ago

Smekens Team to the rescue…again!

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