Need a little more pep in your peer conferencing? Try the creative approach by Knox Elementary (Knox, IN) fourth grade teacher Sherry Wakal. Modeling her concept after the popular Fox television show American Idol, Sherry has each writer “audition” (read) his draft to the class on “American Writer.”

Three to five students sit as “judges” during this all-class read. They provide trait-specific feedback to the writer about his piece. After providing compliments and comments, the judges deliberate. They unanimously announce whether the piece needs additional revision/editing, or if it is polished enough to “go to Hollywood” (be published). Sherry, this is so fabulous! And I’m sure your writers love it!

NOTE: This creative teaching strategy was shared via The Redskin Riot, the student newspaper. Download the entire student article. The Knox Community Elementary School newspaper is advised by Charles Ratliff.

American Writer student picture

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