Read alouds aren’t just for language arts instruction. With the required literacy standards for content-area classrooms, all teachers are on the lookout for good reading material that fits their curriculum. Here are three picture books that target various art concepts and standards.

Everyone makes mistakes, but in art class, an accidental blob of paint or a torn edge of paper can be traumatic. Students get upset or anxious when they glob the ink in the midst of creating something beautiful. Beautiful Oops! is the perfect text to help take some of the ouch out of the oops. A free video from the publisher highlights each page of the book, emphasizing the imagination and creativity needed to turn an Oh NO! into an Oh Yes!

Beautiful Oops! at The Literacy Store

For a sophisticated take on symmetry, check out Shadow by Suzy Lee. A wordless picture book, Shadow showcases imagination and challenges readers to look beyond reality to the realm of possibility.


Is it a duck or a rabbit? You’ll have to decide for yourself as you read Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld. Depending on your perspective, the character on every page could be a duck…or a rabbit.

Duck! Rabbit!

For the art teacher, these books are a perfect way to encourage your students to adopt a unique slant on their next assignment. Select texts that develop your students’ creativity and broaden their perspectives.

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