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Key into the Power of Interactive Polling

sept 18, 2014

Highly effective teachers strive to keep all students engaged in the classroom. And many see “engagement” as “discussion.” However, a traditional question-and-answer class conversation can limit the number of participants.

To combat this dilemma, put your classroom discussions through a 21st Century makeover by introducing “polling” to your students. There are four websites/apps that are particularly fabulous—and all do NOT require students to have their own devices. Using any of the following options, teachers can obtain real-time feedback from EVERY student in the classroom.

Option for ANY classroom

Options for 1:1 environments or Computer Lab

  • Kahoot–Within Kahoot, teachers create a quiz, discussion, or survey that students respond to through any device with a Web browser. Questions can include pictures and videos, which makes Kahoot such a hit with students. For more information regarding Kahoot, view this tutorial.
  • Poll Everywhere–Ideal for presentations and classroom lessons, Poll Everywhere promotes live audience participation through questions with multiple-choice answers, true/false answers, free-response answers, or clickable images. Participants respond via text message or Web browser for live results. (A unique feature with this site is the ability to embed a poll within a website or social media.) For a brief introduction to Poll Everywhere, view this video.
  • Pear Deck–Operating under Google Apps for Education, Pear Deck promotes active learning and real-time data. Click here to learn about the many applications of Pear Deck in your classroom.

For more technology tools and resources, follow Nadine Gilkison, District Technology Integration Specialist K-12 Franklin Township Schools, on www.fttechtips.com or @nadinegilkison on Twitter.

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