Meeting a Higher Standard

Meeting a Higher Standard

Smekens Education Solutions, Inc. is committed to providing the best, most up-to-date professional development in reading and writing. With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards by the majority of states, we have embraced our responsibility to ensure that the information and strategies we share highlight and support the national standards.

While our organization has always been research-based and strategy-rich, Smekens Education has renewed its commitment to support implementation of the Common Core with practical, standards-based strategies that are directly tied to the Core.With the heightened expectations of College and Career Ready Standards, Smekens Education staff members continue to read, research, and develop instructional strategies to support the classroom teacher.

Within Indiana, we will utilize this same approach as we support schools working to implement the Indiana Academic Standards. Although there are many similarities between the Common Core and the new Indiana standards, Smekens Education consultants recognize that there are differences, too. We are working diligently to stay abreast of the new expectations, resources, and assessments as they are being rolled out by the IDOE. You can expect direct references to the Indiana Academic Standards within customized, on-site trainings and large regional workshops delivered by a Smekens Education consultant.

Whether through an on-site school training, a regional seminar, or through materials published on our website, we are taking steps to demonstrate how our ideas and strategies will help teachers fulfill the rigorous requirements of the Common Core.

Regional Workshops

Before attending a Smekens workshop, educators can review the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards that will be addressed during each seminar. These can be found in the print marketing for each workshop.

On the day of the seminar, all attendees receive a packet of materials containing specific training points for increasing achievement in reading and/or writing. In the workshop packet these key ideas are aligned to grade-specific citations from the Common Core State Standards and College and Career Ready Standards.

On-Site Professional Development

Educators can also rely on Smekens Education to make direct connections between the content delivered during on-site school trainings and the requirements of the Common Core and College and Career Ready Standards. Each of our highly-effective consultants has a strong understanding of the standards and is committed to deepening that understanding. As consultants prepare for on-site staff development, both the national and state standards serve as the anchor for strategies and ideas that are shared with teachers. And as schools begin to implement the CCSS or College and Career Ready Standards, Smekens Education will continue to develop materials designed to help teachers meet those standards.

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