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How do you adjust the writing process for 2 weeks versus 2 days?

The traditional writing process includes five steps: pre-write, draft, revise, edit, and publish. And while students must experience the writing process across multiple days, they also have to learn how to adjust the process to fit any circumstance.

Adjust the writing process

When students are given two weeks to turn in a final, polished draft, they have the luxury of time. They can carefully pre-write, draft, and then take advantage of tools to revise and edit their work.

And while this is a powerful writer habit to learn, it’s not always an option. Within the real world, individuals have to start and finish a product within the same work day. Likewise, on a standardized test, a student has to start and finish a product in one sitting, as well.

Such scenarios require that students know how to adjust their writing-process pace to fit this shorter time frame. Such adjustments would likely include the following.

  • Provide only 5-10 minutes to pre-write.
  • Anticipate a shorter written product.
  • Expect students to reread but only make minor changes before turning in their first-and-only draft.

Vary students’ experiences

Throughout the year, provide students with different writing circumstances. Mastering the writing process is not just about the traditional multi-day process. Students also need to demonstrate the ability to execute the same steps in an abbreviated time frame (and to do it all on a digital device).
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