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Provide Efficient Feedback with Customized Post-its

november 1, 2011

Provide Efficient Feedback with Customized Post-Its

Giving individual feedback to student writers can be a daunting task, especially when you are commenting on multiple facets of the writing. Ever wish you could customize a Post-it note so you didn’t have to keep writing the same thing over and over on assignment after assignment? You can!

Use this Word template and customize your own content to fit onto a sticky note.

  • Customizable Word Template for Post-ItsIf you’re working on specific skills within a genre, list only the skills you’re assessing for a particular assignment.
  • Create simple convention checklists to remind students to edit for capitalization and punctuation.
  • Make sticky notes for students to use to answer questions during their reading.
  • Put sticky note reminders inside the front cover of classroom library books to help students remember the process for picking just-right books.
  • Remind students about morning-work/bell-work tasks using Post-Its.
  • Create different sticky notes for different reading groups with differentiated questions.
  • Print sticky notes by using the by-pass tray of your copy machine.

There are numerous purposes for a customized sticky note. Let us know how you used this technology idea to enhance your literacy classroom.

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