Students master vocabulary words after interacting and applying them in various contexts over time. That said, the more often you infuse your current vocabulary terms throughout the day/class period, the more quickly students master them.

Look for ways to infuse current vocabulary when:

  • Greeting students as they enter the classroom.
  • Creating the morning message (elementary).
  • Holding conversations and discussions throughout the day.
  • Referencing your current reading.
  • Developing classroom assignments and assessment questions.

Rather than always trying to squeeze in 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there to do vocabulary word work, you are finding opportunities to work in your terms incidentally. The hardest part of this strategy is just remembering to do it. Consequently, a display of terms within your classroom environment is helpful. Whether you list them on the board, white board, bulletin board, chart paper, cabinet door, or by the clock–refer to them often!

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