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Try One of These Strategies to Introduce Voice

may 15, 2008

Try One of These Strategies to Teach Voice

Remember, voice is more than just a writer’s personality on paper. It is the attitude the writer has for the topic he is writing about. When first introducing voice in the primary grades, typical words we define this trait with are feelings and emotions. Advance to moods, attitudes, and point of view in the upper grades.

6 Traits of Writing--Let Your VOICE Be Heard poster Smekens OriginalWheel of Voice

For these reasons, I utilize facial expressions to make this trait more concrete to students. The “Let Your VOICE Be Heard” wall poster includes 20 facial “attitudes” to help students hone their writers’ voice. Visit The Literacy Store to order your own poster for only $2 + tax & shipping.

Another tool for introducing voice is through the Voice Wheel, shared by Bright Elementary teacher Linda Schmidt. I love the layers of emotion this tool offers. Download a free copy for yourself.

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