Testimonials--What teachers are saying about Smekens Education workshops

Testimonials--What teachers are saying about Smekens Education workshops

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"100% valuable! 100% motivating!" D. Carlson

"Kristina is enthusiastic, energetic and encouraging.  I went home with useable ideas and a calendar to get me started.  I have something tangible to share with staff and administrators."  R. Brown

"I have never been more motivated than when I attend a Smekens workshop!  Thank you for all that you do to inform, teach & motivate teachers!"  M. Wendell

"Great for all grades—even K!" K. Niepokoj

"I love that Kristina 'knows' what 'real' teachers do and the types of road-blocks we face!"  D. Frisz

"This was the best workshop I have been to. It was interesting, informative, and practical!"  N. Osborne

"Informative + timely + priceless! This is just what I needed...to refresh and stretch my teaching practices. I learned new ideas/strategies that I was able to walk right back into class and use! I love that!" J. Blackford

"So practical, helpful, and empowering! 5 Stars!" P. Peterson

"So many ideas packed into a day!  I can't wait to get started tomorrow!" J. Nicholson

"Kristina made me excited about teaching again!"  A. Budka

"After 30+ years of teaching –one of the best sessions I have attended!  Great ideas that can be used immediately in the classroom.  Well worth the trip from Montreal!"  W. Jarjour-Giacobbi

"Kristi is a completely engaging presenter. It is apparent that she used and honed masterful teaching practices in her own classroom. She had great credibility with our group as a result." K. Bush

"Multitude of useable ideas!" S. Armstead

"Best workshop ever –Kristina's a master of organization, a wealth of information, and makes it all fun!"  B. Cieplak

"Best workshop I've attended in 31 years of teaching!" C. Kremer

"I wish Kristina had video clips of herself with kids!  She is truly amazing….a master teacher that inspires others!"  T. Moss



"So much information I feel exhausted!  Outstanding workshop!  I always take tons of new information back to school with me.  Fantastic presenter and very knowledgeable on subject matter.  So much new information to use right away!"  G. Denton

"Kristina knows research.  Kristina knows about state testing.  Kristina knows how to incorporate test prep strategies into classroom instruction.  It's research-based.  It's multi-sensory.  It's painless.  Thank you!" R. Bonacci

"Excellent workshop--specific goals and great handouts that we can and will use!" M. Joseph

"Great ideas.  Coming to your workshops always helps to "pump me up".  I know I will be able to put some of these new strategies to work right away!"  C. Summers

"Loved this workshop!  Kristina keeps her material so fresh!  I've come to several of her conferences, and I always come away feeling so pleased that I made time for it!  Her workshops are always outstanding!"  P. Peterson

"Kristi is truly a teacher of teachers! I believe this has been one of the best uses of professional development monies."  C. Newcomer

"Loaded with phenomenal ideas that you can actually see yourself using in the classroom! Great resources provided." Bethany Fausett

"Everything is very easy to use and understand!  There are activities that I can take back and use right away without tons of prep time." K. Winkler

"Extremely engaging and informative!" J. Detweiller

"Honestly, it was the most informative and useful seminar I've ever attended!  The resources and techniques presented are applicable and useful.  I love Smekens!" S. Seiple

"Kristina is by far the most energetic, informative presenter I have had the privilege to hear!"  M. Watts


Dear Teachers,

When you attend a Smekens Education workshop, my hope is that you will feel like it was time well spent. My main objective is to provide you with the tools and motivation you need to start impacting student achievement right away.

I hope you will join me at one of our Midwest workshop locations. If you have a question about any of our workshop offerings, please don't hesitate to call us toll free at 888-376-0448 or email me personally at kristina@smekenseducation.com.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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