J. Blackford

Informative + timely + priceless! This is just what I needed...to refresh and stretch my teaching practices. I learned new ideas/strategies that I was able to walk right back into class and use! I love that!

N. Osborne

This was the best workshop I have been to. It was interesting, informative, and practical!

D. Frisz

I love that Kristina 'knows' what 'real' teachers do and the types of road-blocks we face!

K. Niepokoj

Great for all grades—even K!

M. Wendell

I have never been more motivated than when I attend a Smekens workshop! Thank you for all that you do to inform, teach & motivate teachers!

R. Brown

Kristina is enthusiastic, energetic and encouraging. I went home with useable ideas and a calendar to get me started. I have something tangible to share with staff and administrators.

D. Carlson

100% valuable! 100% motivating!