Test-Prep Bumper Sticker: Believe that you canTest-Prep Bumper Sticker: Good, Better, Best

Bumper stickers are a fast, fun way for students to communicate encouraging sentiments and prepare for standardized testing.

Teacher Pam Addison at Eaton Elementary School (Eaton, IN) had her fifth graders write last-minute reminders and words of encouragement to their peers. She posted them in the hallway for all students to view.

Great Teacher Comments:

Test-Prep Bumper StickersTest-Prep Bumper StickersTest-Prep Bumper Stickers

Amy Burgauer, 4th grade teacher at Yorktown Elementary School (Yorktown, IN) used the bumper sticker idea to encourage her students on their road to success on the test. Students contributed bumper stickers to the display to encourage one another. Check out the classroom display.

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