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Use Apps & Websites to Retell/Summarize Texts

apr 16, 2017

Motivate students to retell and summarize texts using any of the following digital options below.

Chatter Pix—Make anything talk with the snap of a camera. Take a photo, draw a line for the mouth, and record your voice. It really is that easy. Check out how these first graders used Chatter Pix to summarize what they read and learned about animals. View several additional student examples from a variety of grade levels and content areas.

Tellagami—Create animated messages with Tellagami. First, students will customize a character. (You can even change its mood or outfit.) After recording their voice or adding dialogue, then the “Gami” is ready to publish. Here are some persuasive writing and social studies examples.

Mouth Off—Simply launch the app, hold your phone in front of your mouth, and watch the engagement soar. Once you begin to talk, the mouth you choose will animate in sync with your voice.

Quick Voice—This app is a basic voice recorder with many uses for the classroom. One favorite idea is to use it during small groups to provide immediate feedback. You can even email progress to parents as you monitor growth.

Voki—Similar to the app Tellagami, this Web 2.0 site allows users to create their own virtual talking character or avatar. Students can record their own voices or type their thoughts for a digitized retell. Check out several student samples.

For more technology tools and resources, follow Nadine Gilkison, District Technology Integration Specialist K-12 Franklin Township Schools, on www.fttechtips.com or @nadinegilkison on Twitter.

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