Scary stories aren’t just for Halloween. Try some of the following resources and activities during the month of October or whenever your students are in the mood for something scary.

Comprehension Activities
  • Get students to dive more eagerly into nonfiction text by reading true information about the weird, the gross, and the unbelievable. Favorite passages can be found within the annual Guinness Book of World Records.
  • Target students’ questioning and prediction skills. Stage a mystery in the classroom by having something come up missing or by having something “appear” in the classroom. Plant “clues” where kids can find them. Ask students to keep a log of clues in their writers’ notebooks. Plan this mystery to last for several days and then unveil the solution or make it possible for students to figure it out with the last clue. (This activity could be modified for any grade to increase the difficulty of making predictions, asking questions, making inferences, drawing conclusions, etc.).
Classroom Library
Fluency Activities
  • Practice oral reading fluency using favorite spooky campfire stories available at Ultimate Camp Resource. Students can perfect a favorite story to read aloud to their classmates.
  • In the fall, first and second graders can write scarecrow puppet shows. Pair students up to write a simple conversation between two scarecrows. Before reading it aloud, have them create scarecrow puppets with brown paper bags and practice their performances.

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